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obodo Gym

obodo Gym


Health & Fitness


Helping Cork city get fitter and healthier for 11 years, obodo is at the forefront of making fitness and exercising fun and effective. Not only will you get fitter on your journey with us, but you will learn to move better, work on mobility issues and feel stronger.

We ensure all our members leave every class feeling empowered and challenged. All classes are suited to every level of fitness and experience. If you are new to the gym and starting your fitness journey, we have you covered. Our professional, personable coaches will look after you from start to end of your class. We take the thinking out, just turn up!

Three Class Types - Cardio class called Revelate and Strength & Conditioning classes called CrossFit & Evolve - we have something for everyone.
Huge class selection with 14+ classes a day, suiting everyone schedules
Open 7 days a week

Get Fit, Get Lean, Feel Strong, Feel Empowered, Be Your Best Self, Shine



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