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Orla McCarthy Celebrant

Orla McCarthy Celebrant




I am a registered Solemniser and Celebrant with Entheos and I provide legal weddings 7 days a week. Entheos are authentically inclusive and fit with my values and what I want to provide in the world of ceremony. People can include whatever they wish in their ceremony whether they follow a particular faith path or not.
It’s such a privilege to be part of one of the biggest events to happen in couples lives. I want to take the stress out of planning your wedding ceremony and provide something that’s unique, personalised and truly memorable. I lived abroad for many years and experienced numerous diverse cultures. It gave me a broader understanding of the world and a greater appreciation for different perspectives. I want to bring that open mindset to all my ceremonies and provide what people really want, without any constraints.
I'm based in Cork, but I’m available to carry out ceremonies nationwide.



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