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Pam Prati Bridal Makeup Artist

Pam Prati Bridal Makeup Artist


Hair & Makeup


On your Wedding Day, you want to feel your very best. As a Make up Artist, my job is not only to give you a beautiful makeup but instil confidence by creating a bespoke Bridal Makeup look based on the brides personality and style so every look is different.

Beautiful skin, perfect brows and individual lashes are my go too in creating a timeless bridal look. I then design the colours of the look based on the brides individual style. As a Bride you want to feel and look your very best beautiful self.

As an Artist I aim to create bespoke makeup looks to suit each and every bride. You can enjoy relaxing at home while getting ready for your special day along with your fabulous bridal party.
I also host Makeup Masterclasses for my bride and her girls for Henparties for 19-20 people (number is flexible)
This is a bespoke service created to suit your individual needs.
Check out my Instagram for more images and feedback from previous clients.
Aswell as Bridal Makeup, I also work on Photoshoots, most recently I created the makeup looks for the Kilkenny Group with the launch of their Lennon Courtney Kilkenny range.



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