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Ray Terry photography

Ray Terry photography




Ray & Irene
We offer a luxury photography experience, we provide an exceptional experience to our clients. We have immense pride in our work.

We would consider ourselves experts in our field and able to handle any situation with the highest form of professionalism.

We use the best equipment, lighting and editing techniques to create the beautiful images you see on our portfolio today.

We strive not only to take a picture we want to create a work of art for your wedding day.

We like to think of ourselves as reliable, dress appropriately and 100% attuned to your needs. We will communicate with you on every part of your day so you know exactly what’s happening next.

We will help create a customised timeline to cover all aspects of your day.

Between all that we are very hospitable people and have been told we have an effective presence and are very easy to be around. We understand this is a unique experience that doesn’t happen every day so we try to make the photoshoot as fun as we possibly can!

Unlike other photographers who hire an assistant who has no input on your day, we are both highly skilled professionals who have equal input on your day benefitting you both and making sure your day runs as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

Hiring us as your photographers is an investment, your investment in professionalism, quality and a unique personalised experience an investment you will not regret making.



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