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Azure Jewellery

Azure Jewellery


Jewellery & Wedding Rings


Azure Jewellery is your premier destination for stunning handmade wedding jewellery and hair accessories. Established in 2004 by Audrey Lehane, whose passion for jewellery blossomed while living in Paris. Azure offers unique, meticulously hand-crafted pieces from there studio in the heart of Cork City. Azure understands that very little detail matters and uses only the finest materials.

From delicate necklaces and dazzling earrings to statement bracelets and exquisite hair pieces, each creation reflects Audrey"s commitment to quality and a brides unique style. The expert, customer focused Azure team can guide you through their collections to help you find or design the perfect piece through their bridal consultation service.

Azure caters to every member of the bridal party, not only the bride, but everyone involved in the special day. Whether it's the mother of the bride/groom, bridesmaids, flower girls or guest, Azure has a wide range of colours to complement any outfit, and an extensive variety of designs to reflect individual styles.

Experience the allure of Azure firsthand. We are available to help you on WhatsApp 0833568831 or you can schedule a bridal consultation on Stay up to date and see our designs by following us on Facebook and Instagram.


Azure Jewellery


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